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Community Led Action on Data Poverty

The question of who does or does not have digital access is critically important for society


Local Trust is a place-based funder supporting communities to achieve their ambitions.

If you don’t have access to the internet, you’re locked out of living life to the full. As a result, existing inequalities deepen, because nowadays you’ll find it difficult to get by without internet access. Where broadband isn’t an option, often because of the cost, using mobile data can fill a gap. However, while data may seem more accessible than being locked into unaffordable long-term broadband contracts, it can also end up incurring extra costs. 


click here for information on Community Led Action

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Charity Digital Skills Report 2021


This year the Charity Digital Skills Report wanted to answer two big questions: ‘Have charities started to embed digital change for the long term or not, and if so what does this tell us about the future of the sector?’ and ‘What resources and support do charities need to better use digital to achieve their aims as we emerge from the pandemic?


Click here to find the answers

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Scotland’s Digital Strategy 2021

published March 2021


Scotland’s’ updated digital strategy was published in March 20121 – not surprisingly I would encourage everyone to read it and get a sense of how we believe that Scotland can thrive in a digital world.

The strategy is, of course, being published, at an extraordinary time. During the pandemic every sector of our economy has spun up new services and scaled old ones, embedded new digital business models and worked remotely in unprecedented numbers.  We’ve relied on digital infrastructure to shop, engage with public services and keep in touch with our family and friends – and we’ve seen a compelling illustration of the importance of digital inclusion.

 I believe this Digital Strategy truly reflects the world in which we live – the digital world with its ability to network, exchange data and collaborate at a speed that changes everything. 


read the updated strategy here


Written by Colin Cook, Digital Director Scottish Government

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Ofcom's Online Nation 2021 reveals a year lived online


Online Nation is an annual report that looks at what people are doing online, how they are served by online content providers and platforms, and their attitudes to and experiences of using the internet.


Access the report here


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UK Consumer Digital Index 2021


Lloyds Bank has launched their annual Consumer Digital Index. The report shows a narrowing of the digital divide, though it is unclear whether this is a permanent shift.

Over the last six years the Consumer Digital Index has used the behavioural data of 1 million people and interviewed over 16,000 consumers, to create the UK’s largest measure of digital capability and financial behaviours. The last 12 months have been like no other, and the report documents how the digital landscape has changed in this time.


Access the Report

Dream jobs signpost

Our Jobhunting Module has been Updated


If you are in the employment market this module is worth checking out, click here to access


The module covers these subjects

Overview of job hunting online

Using Jobcentre job searches

Recruitment websites

Flexible work options

Making a good impression online and getting the right job

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When can we get rid of passwords for good?


Despite the growing popularity of fingerprint readers and facial recognition, passwords remain our first line of defence in the battle to keep private data safe from cybercriminals. That said, will there eventually be a day when passwords become obsolete? 


read the article here

Employing Staff: What are my legal obligations?


When starting up and developing a third sector organisation, employing staff is likely something that you will be considering. Taking on staff can help your business to grow by increasing productivity or increasing the scope of services that can provided, but is accompanied with a new set of legal duties that you must prepare yourself for.

If you are at the stage in your journey where you are considering employing staff, these are some of the key legal responsibilities you have as an employer. In this blog from Senscot Legal discusses new organisations taking on employees for the first time and some of the key legal responsibilities you have as an employer.


Please click here for the full article

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What does ‘consent to tracking’ really mean?

In June 2018, a New York Times report revealed partnerships between Facebook and mobile device manufacturers allowed data collection on your Facebook friends, irrespective of whether those friends had allowed data sharing with third parties.


access the article by clicking here

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Free Listings on New National Platform for Every Community Group & Not for Profit Organisation in Scotland


Frog offers a simple but extremely effective solution to the age-old problem of visibility within the community. Every Community Group or Not for Profit Organisation within Scotland - from football clubs to knitting clubs to Heritage Trusts - can upload a listing onto Frog for FREE!


click here for more information


click here to visit the Frog website

What is a Blockchain?

The ability to distribute digital information through the revolutionary new technology known as blockchain is stirring up conversation across the nation. Although blockchain is an extremely expansive and complicated topic, a knowledgeable expert successfully summed it up in 500 words so you can stay engaged in the conversation.


While the technology is most well-known for its application within the world of cryptocurrency, there are many practical uses for this digital ledger. Some experts are considering its potential to reinvent digital marketing through its decentralized advertising system; an approach that will allow marketers to focus on directly targeting the consumer, launch cross-promotional B2B contracts, provide transparency with consumers, improve privacy and security, and allow crowdsourcing data collection.

Others see blockchain’s grander purpose and propose its ability to boost global productivity based on its potential to eradicate distrust among parties, introduce failproof robustness, and ease trade between people and companies. Because of this, many see blockchain as a tool to improve efficiency and standards within industries. 

click here for blockchain summed up in 500 words

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BT - Community Fibre Partnership

Grants for superfast broadband connections serving schools and charities

Grants are provided for communities in the final 5% of the UK not covered by fibre broadband rollout plans. BT provide match-funded grants of up to £30,000 toward the cost of new fibre infrastructure if that could also serve their local school or registered charity


Click here to find out more

Developing a Community Website through Digital Fife

Digital Fife promotes the use of digital technology through work with community groups and a network of volunteer Digital Champions. We offer websites to constituted community groups to promote their work, online learning and be part of a like minded community.

Throughout Fife there are over 300 community groups involved. Fife Council supports Digital Fife as part of its wider work to get more people online, so there is an expectation that the group will promote the Digital Fife website and the online learning section.



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Digital Inclusion & Social Housing Research Study


Fife Councils’ Digital Inclusion Strategy Group has commissioned a research project with the aim of determining how Fife could work with social housing landlords to improve digital inclusion.


Read the report here

Top 10 Ways To Secure Your Mobile Phone


Mobile phones: a new battleground for cybercriminals. While cyberattacks remain mostly focused on PCs, as more and more people turn to their phones as a primary source for accessing the Internet, the bad guys are turning their gaze to mobile devices. Now, mobile malware is on the rise. 

Read on to find out how to stay ahead of the game, and learn the top ways to secure your mobile phone. Keep reading by clicking here

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Stop nuisance calls to you mobile


Mobile phone users can send a simple, free text message to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls from today.

The 'text-to-register' service, launched by the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)  and Ofcom, enables mobile phone users to add their number to the UK's official ‘do not call’ database by texting ‘TPS’ and their email address to 78070.


It is illegal for organisations to make unsolicited sales and marketing calls to numbers registered with the TPS, unless they have a person’s consent to do so.


Click here for the Telephone Preference Service


Digital Participation in Kirkcaldy and Dumfries

Research by the Dumfermline-based Carnegie UK Trust and Ipsos MORI set out to examine digital exclusion in Kirkcaldy and Dumfries as a way to help identify ways to get non-internet users online.


The full report can be read here


Digital Fife Leading the Way in Bridging the Digital Skills Gap

Digital Fife has recently been used as case study in The Carnegie UK Trust’s Making Digital Real report

Digital Fife, a project supported by Fife Council Community Learning and Development , has recently been highlighted as a great example of an organisation working to ensure the local community has the means and ability to access the internet.  It comes as the Carnegie UK Trust highlights that approximately one fifth of households still don’t have access to basic internet services, with many of the poorest households the most likely to miss out.



Click here for Carnegie Trust Case Study

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Net Safety

The internet is now part of everyday life. But many people are not confident about using the internet, and it’s important to know how to keep yourself safe, and protect your online identity and reputation. This guide provides some information on how to stay safe and secure, and provides links to further online information.



An easy read guide can be found here   ../webs/83/documents/SafetyNet Easy Read.pdf 

and the ordinary guide below.

Click here for normal Guide

[ download ]

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