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Here are photos and brief biographies of the Digital Fife team.  You can make contact with any member of the team using the "email" link.  Team members can log in here - normal users do not need to log in.



Sheena Watson

Project Manager on 15-Apr-2009 

Sheena's background is as a community education worker. Before taking up this post she has worked in a busy social work department as a welfare rights officer, in a community flat setting up credit unions and food co-ops as well as an adult basic education tutor and community worker. She sits on the Approvals Committee of the CLD Standards Council as well as being an Associate Assessor for HMIE for Fife.

Sheena has overall responsibility for Digital Fife ensuring it supports community groups across Fife and that the online learning benefits the hardest to reach learners.


Willie McCool

on 19-Jul-2011 

Willie, is a Fife Council Development Worker, he is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Digital Fife and its’ Admin. He supports groups in the construction of their websites by providing training on the website construction tools, providing help and advice in building their websites and resolving problems.


Bob Crichton

Technology and Learning Development on 10-Sep-2009 

Bob runs HOP Associates - a  firm specialising in innovation and digital technology.  He has a background in research and development and is responsible for the WebSpringer technical platform.

Fife Digital Guides

Cascading learning into the community on 28-May-2010 

These are some of our Digital Guides - volunteers from different backgrounds who have gained learning through Digital Fife and are now passing this on in their own communities. 

You can contact the Fife Digital Guides via Sheena Watson or Willie McCool. We are always looking out for more people who will take on this role. So if you would like to find out more about being a Guide please contact us by the email link below.


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