The Digital Fife Management Committee

 Who Are We? 

Volunteers from the Digital Fife family of websites




The objectives of The Digital Members Committee are to improve, manage and develop the work of Digital Fife through volunteer development, to promote the benefits of being online through the use of Digital Fife tools to create websites and access online learning. The group of volunteers, who are all website editors, also hope to help other editors of Digital Fife sites to maintain and develop attractive websites. They will also recruit and support Digital Guides and ensure their work reaches those who can benefit from it most.

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The Digital Fife Members Committee has adopted the following guiding principles and values in respect of everything we do as we believe the way we behave is just as important as what we deliver.


All members will:


work together with Respect, Care, Openness and Integrity;


demonstrate Commitment to each other and to Digital Fife;


                        focus on the needs of the network of Digital Fife Volunteers with an                              emphasis on effective Collaboration and two-way Communication.

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