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Reaching 100% (R100)

The Scottish Government has committed to providing superfast broadband access - speeds of at least 30Mbps - to every home and business in Scotland. Unique in the UK, the Reaching 100% (R100) programme builds on the success of the DSSB programme and will ensure universal superfast broadband access.

The 100% target will be met as a result of three strands of activity – the R100 contracts, a superfast broadband voucher scheme and commercial coverage.

To check if your premises are within scope for the R100 contract or eligible for vouchers

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Delivery begins in 2021.

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The Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme (SBVS)

The SBVS will ensure that every address in Scotland has the ability to access a superfast broadband connection by the end of 2021, regardless of whether or not it will ultimately receive a superfast connection through the other two strands of activity. The SBVS will provide two distinct levels of subsidy:

· A ‘one off’ voucher worth up to £5,000 to help deliver a permanent broadband connection to those properties for which there is no roll-out of superfast broadband planned.

· A ‘one off’ voucher worth up to £400 to help deliver an interim connection to those properties for which there is roll-out of superfast broadband planned, but not until after the end of 2021. Properties in more difficult-to-reach locations may be eligible for an additional subsidy of £250. More information available by 

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How to apply

Find out if you may be eligible for a voucher by entering your details into the online checker. If the checker indicates that you are eligible for a superfast voucher through the SBVS, please continue your enquiry with any registered suppliers listed here, as the providers will request the voucher on your behalf.

The UK Government Voucher Scheme

The UK Government also offers vouchers as immediate help for people suffering from slow broadband speeds in rural areas. More information here:

Vouchers worth up to £1,500 for homes and £3,500 for businesses help to cover the costs of installing gigabit broadband to people’s doorsteps.

The new UK Gigabit Voucher will launch on Thursday 8th April 2021 and is only available through a supplier who is registered with the scheme. The R100 Suppliers tend to register for this scheme too so can advise if these vouchers are available to you too.

From 8th April you will be able to check whether your premises are eligible for a voucher, find a list of registered suppliers, and see those who are active in your area

Price Comparison

Looking for a new broadband, mobile or TV deal? 

Check out these comparison websites accredited by Ofcom and discover the best deals for you. 

The Ofcom accreditation is awarded to websites have gone through rigorous independent audit, which checks whether the information they provide to customers is accessible, accurate, transparent, comprehensive and up to date. 

Internet speed checker

Check the speed of your current internet connection. Superfast Broadband will increase download speeds to at least 24Mb. As a guide:

  • low speeds up to 1Mb are OK for e-mail and website browsing, though some websites may be a little slow
  • medium speeds up to 8Mb (the limit to current broadband technology) are needed for standard TV on demand, many online games and Skype
  • high speeds (up to 24Mb) are needed for high definition TV, video meetings with several participants and more advanced online games.

Provided by UK Speed test


Note: the speed checker does not currently work with ipads: click here for an alternative.

Digital Scotland: Superfast Broadband

Digital Scotland: Rural deployment

Frequently asked questions

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3. How will I know when superfast broadband is available to me?

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