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The Importance of the Internet During the Covid 19 Crisis

and Beyond

More than half the world’s population is now online. The pandemic is underscoring the fact that internet access is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to participate in society fully, that it is as essential as electricity and running water.

Having a Website is Still Important

This is the time to make sure your site is up to date and that you are using all the features the Digital Fife tool kit offers. 

You can link your site to a Facebook page and create surveys and newsletters. Your community and group members will be online looking for support and information.

Tell others about Digital Fife and remember we are here and able to support you develop new ways of reaching out to members.


Learning Modules

Digital Fife has updated several of its’ Learning Modules making them more relevant during the pandemic.

The Learning Modules are Banking, plus the Shopping Modules 1 and 2.


Links to these modules can be found below.


Click here for the Banking Module

Click here for the Shopping Module 1

Click here for the Shopping Module 2



Search Digital Fife

Digital Fife

 Digital Fife is still open and available to improve the attractiveness of your website and help to add new functions.

Contact willie.mccool@fife.gov.uk

Digital Fife as part of Fife Council also has been involved in the response to the crisis. Several guides have been produced in relation to the Corona Virus crisis which can be accessed below


This document deals with how to use

Video Conferencing software and using it safely.

Click here for document

With any video conferencing software make sure you have the latest version.

Many “helping-hand” groups fetch groceries and other essentials on behalf of elderly and vulnerable families. These groups prefer not to handle cash and some have set up PayPal accounts as a way of receiving money from their customers.

This guide covers online banking and paying by debit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Paying for items during the lockdown​

Click here for document


Create an E-Newsletter for keeping in touch with your organisation’s members during the lockdown

For instructions for setting up Registration and a Register for the Newsletter button please click here

 Digital Fife is supported by Fife Council and the voluntary sector. Cookies are not used on this site to store personal information or track users. 
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