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  • Handbook  - A comprehensive guide to setting up a Digital Fife website
  • Making a banner - How to set up a banner across your website
  • Banner Hot Spots - How to make links on your banner
  • Online learning  - How to access and use the online learning modules
  • Marketing toolkit  - Easy way to create business cards, newsletters and posters
  • Widgets - How to get links to Facebook , YouTube, news, weather, etc. on your site
  • Autobanner - Automatic and easy way to create a banner across your site
  • Creating Pictures for your Website - Good relevant pictures make a website more attractive and engagining. There are two sources on the web building software for pictures.
  • Website makeover - Text, photos and colour are the design elements of your website. Variations of these can have huge effect on how your site can look
  • Community group features - presentation by Bob Crichton on events management, registration, bulk e-mails and secure pages
  • Protecting Pages - making pages accessible only to chosen users who are required to log in


These narrated videos show how you can use the Digital Fife editing and administration features.  They were made a few years ago and some of the features have developed since then, though the principles remain the same.

  • Editing - how to edit Digital Fife web pages
  • Library - preparing and uploading files and pictures to your website
  • Pages - the different types of web page that you can set up
  • Accessibility - making your website usable by as many people as possible
  • Users - making parts of your website only accessible to registered users
  • Administration - organising and managing your website
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 Digital Fife is supported by Fife Council and the voluntary sector. Cookies are not used on this site to store personal information or track users. 
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