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Training Programme

How it works

If You are interested in volunteering, you will be invited to meet the Volunteer Coordinator to sign up and get a chance to ask any questions you have about the volunteering program. You will then be given the chance to go into a Digital Skills class to meet the tutor and learners at a time that suits you. Once we've established a regular volunteering schedule to suit you, its a case of cracking on with the training we are offering to Fife council volunteers.

The Training Programme

You will be given the chance to take part in an accredited training program which has been put together for Digital Skills volunteers.

Unit 1

Mentoring Skills

This unit will explore some of the skills needed to be an effective Digital Skills volunteer. It will get you to think about what learners are looking for in a supportive mentor and how you might improve these skills.

Unit 2


This is an online module designed to get you thinking about volunteering. You will explore topics such as why do people volunteer? What are the benefits of volunteering? And what are the rights and responsibilities of the volunteer? You will be able to complete this module in your own time, wherever you have use of a computer and can get onlne.

Unit 3

Welfare Reform

This unit will be delivered by CARF (Citizens Advice and Rights Fife) It will help you build on background knowledge and understanding of the changes to the Welfare system that the Government have been making and how these changes have been affecting people.

Unit 4

Adult Literacies

This module will be delivered by Fife council's Adult Basic Education team. It's important to understand what barriers adults face in their day to day lives. As a Digital Skills volunteer you are part of a strong team that is helping adult learners across Fife improve thier basic literacy skills. This module will help you become more familiar with the ways in which adult learners are being supported to overcome the challenges they face.

Unit 5

CV  Building Workshop

This module looks at the basic elements of a good CV. The trainer will provide examples of good and bad CV's. Volunteers will expolre with the trainer what employers are looking for in a CV as well as be given the chance to update their existing CV's. they will also discuss why certain features should and shouldn't be included in CV'S.

The training program can be adapted to suit particular needs. If you have any questions about the training program or about volunteering then please use the contact form above and get in touch.

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