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Digital Fife widgets

Digital Fife widgets are set up under "page options" and replace the existing information column. Auchtermuchty Media Project is a good site to look at to see what can be done. They currently include:

  • Audio or video stream (An embedded media stream for audio or video)
  • Calendar (An interactive calendar with diary and booking options)
  • Contact Form (A contact form with hidden email and reply options)
  • Facebook feed (Feed a Facebook account timeline)
  • Formatted text (Fully formatted text using a toolbar)
  • Frequently asked questions (A list of questions, with answers that can be revealed)
  • GDPR form (GDPR consent)
  • Google Map (A Google map, centred on a postcode or address)
  • List (A list of items that can include text, pictures, links, etc.)
  • Login button (A site login / logout button)
  • HMTL content (Unchecked HTML code - expert users only!)
  • PayPal button (A PayPal buy or donate button)
  • Picture (A picture with optional zooming and a link)
  • Plain text (Simple text with a basic formatting toolbar)
  • Rolling News (Block of rolling or static news)
  • RSS feed (Feed news from an RSS source)
  • Slide Show (A slide show with text, pictures, fades, etc.)
  • Social media link (A button that links to a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media page)
  • Text link button (A text button that links to a page, document or other site)
  • Twitter Feed (Feed tweets from a Twitter account)
  • White Space (Block of empty space between widgets)
  • YouTube video (An embedded YouTube video with full-screen option)

Further widgets are under development and some will be available in the left (menu) column and the main page body.

The majority of widgets can be customised for size, borders and other features.

 Digital Fife is supported by Fife Council and the voluntary sector. Cookies are not used on this site to store personal information or track users. 
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