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Community group websites

... free websites from Digital Fife

Over 250 community groups in Fife have already set up their websites with Digital Fife.

Community groups use their websites to spread their message, keep in touch with their members, attract new members, run surveys and publish documents and videos. Join us by downloading the website application form at the bottom of this page, fill it in and e-mail it back to us.


If you wish to apply for a website the application form can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

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Scroll down and click on one of the websites from the list below.

Getting help to develop your website

  • Autobanners - Create an automatic banner for your website
  • Online learning  - How to access and use the online learning modules
  • Marketing toolkit  - Easy way to create business cards, newsletters and posters
  • Widgets - How to get links to Facebook , YouTube, news, weather, etc. on your site
  • Website Makeover - Some tips on how to make your website more attractive
  • Adding Photos - How to add and use photographs on your website
  • Protecting Pages - making pages accessible only to chosen users who are required to log in

Website application form

We are always looking for groups and organisations from across Fife to join our online community.

If you think that your group could benefit from developing a website to promote your work and reach new members then please get in contact with us. You can apply directly through downloading the form below and completing it .The form asks for information about your group and what areas of Fife it works in. We do ask that you take part in the activities we run to get more people in Fife online and promote the wider work of Digital Fife with your group.

 Digital Fife is supported by Fife Council and the voluntary sector. Cookies are not used on this site to store personal information or track users. 
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