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Superfast Broadband

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The Scottish Government’s Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme is well underway and many areas of Fife have already been enabled for fibre optic broadband.  By the end of the programme in March 2018, 98.4% of premises in Fife will be connected.


If you have a good news story about how superfast broadband has made a difference to you, let us know by contacting the broadband team. 


For areas where DSSB is unable to provide coverage, the Reaching 100% Broadband (R100) programme is a commitment to deliver 100% superfast broadband coverage across Scotland by 2021. 



To check if superfast broadband is available to you, enter your landline number or postcode into the Interactive Map.  The map is updated every week by Digital Scotland with the latest deployment information.  If your area has not been fibre-enabled yet you can sign up to be notified when faster broadband becomes available to you.


As of December 2016, fibre broadband is available in the following areas:











Dalgety Bay












Falkland Kirkcaldy





St Andrews














High Valleyfield









Lochore  Wormit


Kettlebridge Lundin Links  



To keep up to date with the latest information on the programme check out Superfast Fife on Facebook and Twitter.


Check out the latest Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband newsletter


Community Broadband Scotland

Funding has been secured for a pilot project to bring affordable Superfast Broadband to rural and remote areas of North East Fife.  Community Initiatives North East Fife (CoINEF) is working with the East Neuk Forum, Community Broadband Scotland, Fife Voluntary Action, the Scottish Government and Fife Council to make Superfast Broadband available to residents and businesses in the area.


Any profits generated by the project will be reinvested in the maintenance and management of the local broadband network.


Why is North East Fife at risk of missing out?


Parts of North East Fife are unlikely to benefit from the Digital Scotland Programme due to the challenges of deploying fibre in rural areas.  Community Broadband Scotland works with communities in rural areas to ensure they have access to superfast broadband by other means.


You can find out more about the project by finding Community Initiatives North East Fife on Facebook and following them on Twitter.




National Satellite Broadband Scheme

The UK Government has set a target for all homes and businesses to have access to a standard broadband service of at least 2Mbps. As part of this commitment, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) has developed a programme offering subsidised satellite broadband installation to eligible properties in Scotland.


This national scheme will contribute towards the equipment and installation costs of a satellite broadband connection. You will be able to choose from a range of services including options that provide speeds significantly greater than 2Mbps. You can find more information and apply online on the Digital Scotland website.



Limited Offer on Satellite Broadband Monthly Subscription

Avonline is offering a funded voucher to Fife residents and businesses who experience broadband speeds of less than 2mbps.


The offer is part of the UK Government’s Better Broadband Scheme which sets out to provide subsidised broadband installation to homes and premises that are unable to access a broadband service with download speeds of at least 2Mbps and will not benefit from the current phase of the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband roll out.


The limited time offer covers all upfront costs, including hardware, installation, and activation, as well as a reduced monthly service subscription starting at £19.99.


To find out if you are eligible, check that you are not already listed as benefiting from the roll out of superfast broadband, and use the BT checker to find out your current broadband speed.


For more information on the Better Broadband Scheme or to find out more about alternative satellite broadband providers, please visit the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband website.



Why go Superfast?


Domestic broadband is part of everyday life for a growing number of Scots. A high-speed connection can provide many benefits, including:

  • Viewing media-rich content (like video) quickly and easily;
  • A connection that can support multiple users and their devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops etc);
  • Access to catch-up and on-demand TV services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix as well as online radio, music and games;
  • Making online phone and video calls (e.g. through Skype) instead of relying on mobile phone signal or landlines.


Fast and reliable access to the internet is vital for businesses to thrive - particularly in rural areas. Superfast broadband allows business users to:

  • Enjoy fast and efficient communications with stakeholders to ensure business needs are met;
  • Use video conferencing as an alternative to travelling to meetings, saving time and money;
  • Access new markets and customers with a wider reach;
  • Choose online marketing as a cheaper way to promote products and services to a wider audience.



Internet speed checker

Check the speed of your current internet connection. Superfast Broadband will increase download speeds to at least 24Mb. As a guide:

  • low speeds up to 1Mb are OK for e-mail and website browsing, though some websites may be a little slow
  • medium speeds up to 8Mb (the limit to current broadband technology) are needed for standard TV on demand, many online games and Skype
  • high speeds (up to 24Mb) are needed for high definition TV, video meetings with several participants and more advanced online games.


Note: the speed checker does not currently work with ipads: click here for an alternative.

Digital Scotland: Superfast Broadband

Digital Scotland: Rural deployment

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I sign up for superfast broadband?

2. What happens if I am in the 1.6% not covered?

3. How will I know when superfast broadband is available to me?

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