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 Guide Computer Basics

Computer Basics

Starting to use a computer can feel like a visit to a foreign country – things look familiar but you can’t speak the language. Getting to grips with computers is much easier than learning a new language. Our guides will set you on the right path.

  'I thought I was too late to join the world of computers, but even though I was starting at the very beginning, I got to grips with it much more quickly than I expected.'

Click here for the Computer Basics guide

Guide Docs

Creating Documents

From cave painting to pen and ink, from typewriters to computers:  the latest phase in the history of humanity's desire to express itself through writing and creating images

'I've swapped my pen for a keyboard, and I'm surprised by how much I like it.'

Click here for the Creating Documents guide

Guide - Digital Photography

Digital Photography

We've used the free digital photography software Windows Live Photo Gallery to demonstrate many of the processes and techniques we explain. However, other types of software are very similar and so, if you  don't have Windows Live Photo Gallery, you'll still find the information in our guides relevant.

'I’m getting so much more out of my camera than I did in the old days of "point and snap'.'

Click here for the Digital Photography guide

Guide - Email and Skype

Email & Skype

It's estimated that 294 billion emails are sent everyday, and more than 405 million use the internet telephone service 'Skype'. As intimidating as these numbers are, they are also a testament to the popularity and convenience of these tools. Our easy-to-follow guides will show you how to get involved.

'Staying in touch has never been easier – or cheaper, for that matter.'

Click here for the Email & Skype guide

Guide - Hobbies and interests

Hobbies & Interests

When it comes to pursuing our interests, finding information or just  having fun, the internet contains spectacular new possibilities. The following guides show you just how easy it is to make the most of the many exciting, fun and useful things that the internet has to offer.

'The internet is everything and anything I need it to be – a shop, library, travel agent, recipe book, restaurant reviewer …  even a game.'

Click here for the Hobbies & Interests guide

Guide - Internet security

Internet Security

Just like the real world, the virtual world of the web has a huge and varied population and, inevitably, a number of bad guys reside there. Just as you know to lock your home on leaving it or to keep your bag close to you in a crowd, there are also some simple rules for staying safe online.

'I’ve put the right locks on the right doors, so to speak, and now feel confident to use the internet without too much fear of a break-in.'

Click here for Internet Security guide

Guide - Music and audio

Music & Audio

One of the most revolutionary changes that the internet has brought with it is to the way we listen to music, the radio and other audio content. Suddenly, almost anything you can think of wanting to hear   is a mouse click away. Here’s how to embrace the revolution.

'I'm so glad I plugged in: music, audiobooks - you name it, it's on the internet and really easy to get hold of and download.'

Click here for Music & Audio guide

Guide - Shopping and banking

Shopping & Banking

Another wonder of the internet is its helpful capacity to make dull tasks quicker and easier to achieve. Banking and shopping can both be done online, and there’s endless fun to be had in rootling out bargains and browsing through the enormous range of products in online shops.

'The chores that used to mean a trip in the car can now be done from a chair, with a cup of tea by my side.'

Click here for Shopping & Banking guide

Guide - Smartphones and tablets

Smartphones & Tablets

Powerful, convenient and multi-purpose, smartphones and tablets are the two key players  in the fast-growing world of mobile computers. Our guides will tell you how to choose and use them.

'Computers just got even more convenient.'

Click here for Smartphones & Tablets guide

Guide - Social networking and blogs

Social Networking & Blogs

Social networking allows us to manage and communicate with our contacts in a totally new way and access information as never before. We’ll show you how to get involved in these exciting, fun and flexible forms of social media.

'Suddenly I know what the people I went to primary school with are doing …'

Click here for the Social Networking & Blogs guide

Guide - TV and video

TV & Video

 It’s now possible to watch TV programmes you’ve missed and films you thought you’d never find again – all online. Our guides will tell you how. We also introduce you to the weird and wonderful world of the video website YouTube.

 'I’ve found a new world of film and television – all online.'

Click here for the TV & Video guide

Guide - Using the internet

Using the Internet

Since it emerged in the 1980s and '90s, the internet has changed the way that we live our lives. It is exciting and empowering, but also intimidating. It can be hard to know where to start and how to navigate the massive amounts of information on offer. Our guides will give you all the tools you need to become a confident internet user, surfing the web with aplomb.

'It’s strange now to think of a world without the internet. I’m so glad I got  involved. It’s changed the way I do everything – shopping, communicating, booking holidays, even dating!'

Click here for the Using the Internet guide

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